3 London markets

London is full of sites for tourists. Once you’ve had enough of the guidebook must-dos, there is still plenty more to see.

I enjoy going to markets. You can see where the locals really are (they aren’t at the museums) and experience day-to-day life a little better.

In London, the markets show off the city’s multicultural communities and culinary diversity. With this approach, London’s markets become a tourist attraction by themselves.

Cheese for sale at Borough Market

Borough Market
Set along the Thames, Borough Market is mainly a food market, but crazy food. I have seen bison burgers, kangaroo meat, spices, teas, coffees and unique cheese for sale. From Borough Market, you could buy some food and easily walk to Shakespeare’s Globe for a show.

Cheese at Borough Market

You can find more info on Borough Market on their website. Monday and Tuesday the market is only open for lunch and Wednesday-Saturday the full market is open. You can see the opening times here as well as market maps and a trip planner.

Camden Market
If you’re interested in crafts, clothing or decorations, Camden Market is a great one to go to. There are rows of food stalls, making it a great place to grab a bite to eat if you’re in the area. If the weather is nice, be sure the lounge out at the nearby locks before catching the Tube back to Central London.

Lunch at Camden Market

Brixton Market
If you’re up for a load of international flavour, head to Brixton. Filled with food from Africa, Asia, South America and everywhere else you can imagine, this is London’s true melting pot. If you’re cooking an international dish, you’re likely to be able to find the ingredients somewhere here.

London itself is a melting pot and the markets are a definite expression of that. Each market has its own flavour, influences and specialties. If you’re up for some excitement, go to one of these markets and try to find the most unusual fruit, vegetable, bread or dish and give it a try. Markets like these provide great opportunities to sample new foods you wouldn’t usually try. Take advantage of them while you’re travelling and your trip with be more memorable. I promise.

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