Hello there, stranger

It’s been a while, but I’m back.

I’m very excited about some changes on my blog and I’m finally ready to announce a new series to my blog.

The biggest change is obvious – my blog has changed from Smiling in a Foreign Land (don’t worry, I’m still smiling) to Knead to Wander. With the new name bring changes on social media handles, but you can still find me on Twitter and Facebook.

I’ll still be blogging about travel, but I’ve been doing a lot more baking and cooking recently, so there will be plenty of food-related posts, too. Which brings me to the next bit…

I’m kicking off a new series called Around the World in 80 Platesmy culinary take on the Jules Verne classic, Around the World in Eighty Days.

It will take me longer than 80 days, but I will be cooking and baking 80 dishes from around the globe. So in a way, I’ll be travelling through food. I’ll be the Phileas Fogg of the kitchen.

The first post will be up soon, but to get your mouth watering, here’s a taste of what’s to come.

Here are my guidelines:

  1. Cook or bake 80 dishes from around the world. I’ll try to keep a good mix of countries and types of dishes, but I’ll just warn you now: there will be a lot of recipes from Italy. Sorry.
  2. Try to keep the dishes as true to the originals as possible. I’ll admit straight off the bat that occasionally ingredients will need to be changed because of availability and some amounts adjusted for taste.
  3. Stick to ingredients that are relatively easy to find. I won’t be sourcing special ingredients for recipes (unless it’s a recipe I really want to try).
  4. No expensive or speciality tools. I don’t plan on buying anything that I can’t use in my normal cooking and baking.
  5. I’m vegetarian, so all the dishes will be things I can eat. Selfish, I know.

Post in the comments if you have any suggestions for dishes you’d like to see me make. Bonus points if you have a recipe to share.

Let the cooking commence!

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