My Rick Steves book contribution

Perhaps my luck in the travel world started from birth. I grew up a few hours from Edmonds, just north of Seattle, the home of Rick Steves’ Europe Through the Back Door where hundreds of travellers and like-minded individuals work tirelessly to constantly update and improve guidebooks for those who want to enjoy Europe on a budget.
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Secrets of London’s Oyster Card

Planning a trip to London? Great! This post is for you.

Live in London and haven’t discovered all the perks of your Oyster Card yet? Read on.

London’s Oyster Card not only gets you around London but also offers secret 2-for-1 deals not prominently advertised and unique card designs you have to ask for specially.

Oyster Cards are more than just the travel card most people use them for. Even a Londoner can learn something here.
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Leaving on a jet plane

I’m leaving soon. Very soon.

The last week I’ve spent packing and unpacking and packing again.

I’ve tried to think of what I’m bringing that I don’t need and what I’ve forgotten that I do need.

My packing list has been revised and edited several times. I’ve done my last-minute shopping. I’ve gone through the stress of packing with the excitement of leaving and I’m finally ready to go.

Italy, here I come!
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Switzerland’s Glacier Express

Switzerland is well known for it’s trains. Efficient, punctual and comfortable, the only thing to not like is the price! For just an hour and a half InterRegio train direct from Berne to Zurich, it will cost 47 Swiss Francs (€37 or US$52)! Most things in Switzerland are expensive so if you want to travel in Switzerland on a budget, you have to look out for the deals.
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French bike-sharing article I wrote for ‘Spunky Girl Monologues’

Welcome spring by hopping on your bike! If you’re traveling to France, most cities have a community program that allows you to rent a bike for a day, month or year! Check out the post I wrote called Vélos Vert: Green Bike-Sharing in France.

You can find more posts from other spunky female travelers at their blog Spunky Girl Monologues.


Travelling through food in Vancouver

I recently returned from a 4-day trip to Vancouver, British Columbia. For a $13 Amtrak ticket, it couldn’t be passed up. Once I decided to go, I discovered my Dutch CouchSurfing host from Amsterdam last year had just moved there, a Chinese surfer I met in Bellingham could host me and there were a few CouchSurfing meetings organized for the Cherry Blossom Festival and Vancouver’s 125th Birthday Celebrations! I knew the four days would be packed with CouchSurfing activities, but in the end, the focus was all on food.
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