Why I broke up with China

It’s always tough breaking up, but when it’s with a whole country you’ve made a one-year commitment to, it’s affects a lot of plans.

The last few months, I’ve been planning on teaching English in China for one year. Two weeks ago that plan crumbled.

Just like with most breakups, there was some drama, some lying, some different views and a lot of miscommunication.
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Travelling through food in Vancouver

I recently returned from a 4-day trip to Vancouver, British Columbia. For a $13 Amtrak ticket, it couldn’t be passed up. Once I decided to go, I discovered my Dutch CouchSurfing host from Amsterdam last year had just moved there, a Chinese surfer I met in Bellingham could host me and there were a few CouchSurfing meetings organized for the Cherry Blossom Festival and Vancouver’s 125th Birthday Celebrations! I knew the four days would be packed with CouchSurfing activities, but in the end, the focus was all on food.
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Teaching English in China – my new job

Recently, I was offered a job teaching English in China. I’m very excited about it. Teaching English is a great way to live in another country, be immersed in a different culture and make a little money while doing it. It can be really rewarding and something you will never forget.

More and more people have been asking me for advice in finding jobs abroad, so here’s my two cents worth.
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