Why I broke up with China

It’s always tough breaking up, but when it’s with a whole country you’ve made a one-year commitment to, it’s affects a lot of plans.

The last few months, I’ve been planning on teaching English in China for one year. Two weeks ago that plan crumbled.

Just like with most breakups, there was some drama, some lying, some different views and a lot of miscommunication.
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How to win a fight in Egypt

Egypt is an exciting place. Even tasks as simple as crossing the street turn into a dangerous game of Frogger. A short taxi ride can become a long detour and end being chased by an angry taxi driver who didn’t get paid for the hour’s drive that should have taken 20 minutes. One casual night in a cafe turned from backgammon and tea to a police-monitored scene. At this back-alley cafe on a warm Egyptian night, I witnessed the most simple and effective fight I’ve ever seen.
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Not a Cinderella story: my misadventures au pairing in Switzerland

Moving abroad to work as an au pair (or a nanny or live-in babysitter) is a common way for university-aged people to experience a new culture, make a bit of money and have something to do for a summer or longer.

Many young people do it and enjoy it but quite a few have bad experiences that make them leave before their contract is over. I fell into the latter category when I was an au pair in Switzerland.
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Vampires, Gypsies and horse-drawn carts: false images of Romania

What images come to mind when you think about Romania?

Thieves? Dracula? Castles? Poor, rural life? Country-side?

I’ll admit that before I went to Romania, I planned on watching my back around Gypsies, getting a hold of some garlic and holy water to keep the vampires away and riding on horse-drawn carts around the country.

Luckily, I didn’t get any bite marks, I held on to my wallet and I moved between cities quickly on Romanian motorways.
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6 online ways to keep safe abroad

Everyone wants a safe trip.  If your trip leaves you in a dangerous situation, ill or missing documents, it can change your trip for the worse.  The US State Department’s Office of American Citizens Services and Crisis Management (ACS) is there to care for Americans, especially while traveling.  Knowing how to use the information they offer online can help you if a threatening situation arises while you are abroad.
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