Leaving on a jet plane

I’m leaving soon. Very soon.

The last week I’ve spent packing and unpacking and packing again.

I’ve tried to think of what I’m bringing that I don’t need and what I’ve forgotten that I do need.

My packing list has been revised and edited several times. I’ve done my last-minute shopping. I’ve gone through the stress of packing with the excitement of leaving and I’m finally ready to go.

Italy, here I come!
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Why I broke up with China

It’s always tough breaking up, but when it’s with a whole country you’ve made a one-year commitment to, it’s affects a lot of plans.

The last few months, I’ve been planning on teaching English in China for one year. Two weeks ago that plan crumbled.

Just like with most breakups, there was some drama, some lying, some different views and a lot of miscommunication.
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My summer fling with Italy – teaching English at a summer camp

I have a job! I know I said this a few months ago, but this time I really mean it! As you can guess, China didn’t work out (here’s the story). But when the travel gods close a door, they open a window. And windows are a lot more fun to climb through.

I was planning on going to Kunming, in the south of China, to teach English for one year, but a few weeks ago that plan fell through. I found other options and in 12 short days I have gone from application to hired!

China was now my closed door and Italy is my wide open window with fresh air and sunshine.
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Teaching English in China – my new job

Recently, I was offered a job teaching English in China. I’m very excited about it. Teaching English is a great way to live in another country, be immersed in a different culture and make a little money while doing it. It can be really rewarding and something you will never forget.

More and more people have been asking me for advice in finding jobs abroad, so here’s my two cents worth.
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