International Charities and Advocacy Groups

Being aware of issues abroad can give you a strong connection to a place. Giving to a community can inspire you to go there, whether to travel, to learn or to volunteer. These are some organizations I like. If you know of one that should be on the list, feel free to add it below in the comments section!

A micro-loans organization. You choose an entrepreneur and choose to loan them any amount between $25 and $500. The loans can be requested for anything from buying flour and yeast to make Chuta bread in Peru to funding an off-license and refreshment bar in The Democratic Republic of the Congo and from buying wholesale clothes in Kyrgyzstan to buying pig food in Cambodia. The money is used to help their business and they pay you and other investors back over a set period of time. The money is processed by PayPal, so you can keep the money in Kiva after your are paid back and loan it to someone else.

Case Foundation
The Case Foundation does some pretty cool things, like installing Play Pumps in Africa. They are large horizontal playground-type wheels that are put near schools. When the children spin them, the energy created pumps fresh, clean water from the ground. This does many things- it gives children a space to play, it provides clean, safe water for the community and it provides jobs to local people who install the Play Pumps.

Room to Read
Focused on increasing literacy and gender equality in developing countries. They work in primary and secondary schools to teach life skills and a habit of reading. They build libraries and schools and publish books in the local language written by local authors and illustrators.


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