Café Frappé

This is a coffee drink that you can find anywhere and everywhere on the streets in the Balkans (especially Greece, Macedonia and Montenegro).  It’s a great chilled drink for hot days in the Balkans!

If you’re familiar with the Starbucks Frappuccino, do not expect the same thing. While a Starbucks Frappuccino is a coffee-base (or cream-base) blended with ice and flavoring and heavily laden with sugar and calories, the frappé is simply instant coffee (sorry, coffee purists), water, some sugar to taste and milk. The frappé is sometimes thought of as a ‘knock off’ Frappuccino, but the frappé is actually the original and the Starbucks Frappuccino was influenced by the frappé.

What you will need:
Instant coffee- if you’re really opposed to this, use stovetop espresso (I do this at home) or get a shot of espresso from a coffeeshop or your own machine. Don’t try and use normal coffee because it won’t be as strong. The instant coffee make much better foam than any coffee brewed, so don’t expect a lot of foam if using something else!
Shaker or milk frother
Important: straw

*Add the instant coffee to cold water in a shaker (if using espresso, just add it to the shaker) or tall serving glass if using the frother
*Add sugar, mix until all ingredients are dissolved
*If using a plastic shaker and hot espresso, be sure to cool the espresso with some ice so the plastic doesn’t melt!
*Shake or froth until the small mixture is mostly foam
*Put in serving glass (if not already) and add a few ice cubes, water and a milk
*Drink with a straw and enjoy!

Note: I often drink my frappé with stovetop espresso, a little sugar OR quality hot chocolate powder and two big ice cubes to cool the espresso before shaking. I use my frappé to get my dairy serving for the day, so I only add milk, no water and no ice. But that’s just my preference. You can decide if you want it stonger with more instant coffee granules or espresso, sweeter with more sugar or colder with more ice.

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