Lahmacun (pronounced Lah-mah-jhun) is a typical street food. It’s similar to pizza, but a very thin crust that is baked to be crunch on the outside but soft in the middle. It differs from pizza in that there is no sauce and no melted cheese. The name comes from Lahma bi Ajeen which is Arabic for ‘meat on dough’ as it is most commonly topped with minced meat (usually lamb). Vegetarians & minced meat haters, have no fear, I’ve included a recipe for spinach and feta lahmacun.

Lahmacun is topped with a mixture of minced meat, onions, garlic, tomato, cumin and lemon (or cooked spinach, onion, garlic and lemon). The ingredients are very finely chopped and mixed, then spread on the dough like a paste. To eat, the lahmacun is sprinkled with lemon, topped with parsley and rolled like a cigar.

What you will need for meat lahmacun:
Pizza dough (I buy premade dough, but you can make it yourself, too)
Minced meat (lamb or beef)
Olive oil

What you will need for spinach lahmacun:
Pizza dough
garlic, minced and sauteed with onion
onions, minced and sauteed with garlic
spinach, cooked gently with garlic and onions
feta cheese
salt & pepper

*Preheat oven to 425°F (215°C)
*Lightly oil baking sheet large enough to hold at least two lahmacuns
*Roll pizza dough into very thin circles about 8 inches (20 cm) in diameter
*Place dough onto sheet and lightly oil
*Top with very finely chopped mixture
*Bake for about 6-8 minutes- edges should be slightly crunchy but center will be soft
*Remove from oven, place on plate and cover with a towel- the humidity trapped inside will help the lahmacun to stay soft and warm
*Serve with lemon and parsley

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