Travel Blogs

Don’t Ever Look Back
Australian couple Amy & Kieron are taking off on a round-the-world trip in mid-2001, starting in North America.
You can also check out the post 8 Reasons Why CouchSurfing Works For Me that I wrote for them in March 2011.

Spunky Girl Monologues
A group of solo female travelers and regular guest authors write about their adventures.
You can check out the guest post I wrote for them Vélos Vert: Green Bike-Sharing in France.

Adventurous Kate
Boston-born Kate shares her crazy adventures from her trip through Asia. She very encouraging to women who want to travel solo.

The Fearful Adventurer
Torre conquers her fear of…. everything… and sets sail for the South Pacific- even though she gets seasick and most likely has a fear of water and everything in it! Read about her conquering (and suffering through) them all.

Mi Ruta de la Seda/My Silk Road
Fernando chronicles his trip overland from Spain to China following the Silk Road! I met him in Montenegro and traveled with him in Albania. He makes beautiful videos that give an authentic view of the cultures he travels through.

UnBrave Girl
Sally is working and traveling her way around Asia, confronting her fears head on.

A Dangerous Business
Small-town Ohio girl, Amanda, finds balance between ‘normal’ life at home and traveling.

Nomadic Chick
A solo female traveler ditches the American 9-5 desk job lifestyle and starts her nomadic journey around the world.

Y Travel Blog
Australian couple Caz & Craig have traveled and moved to countries all over the world since 1997. Now, they are joined by the 3 year old daughter Kaylra (Australian Aboriginal for ‘wild and pleasant place’), but continue on with the same path.

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