UK Visas

For anyone trying to figure out which visa to apply for to join your British spouse/partner in the UK, I hope this flowchart helps.

N.B. This does not apply to anyone who applied for their fiance visa, spouse visa, or further leave to remain before 9 July 2012 or for spouses and partners of EEA (non-UK) citizens. Those visa paths are completely different (and much simpler).

Please also note that I’m not a professional – this is just information I’ve gathered together whilst going through the process myself – and you should definitely look at the official requirements on the UK Visas and Immigration website.

Updated 23 June 2015

For more info on each of the visas and their financial requirements, take a look at the UK Visas & Immigration website (for the application, required documents and rules) and the UK Yankee Visas & Citizenship forum (perfect for deciphering everything, answering questions and easing visa stress).

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to comment here or ask the extremely knowledgeable community at UK Yankee.

Helpful links:
– Visa fees updated October 2014
Healthcare surcharge to be paid on top of visa fees
– Visa processing times for applications made from the US
– Getting married in the UK general info, varies a bit between councils
– List of Designated Register Offices in England and Wales for giving notice as a non-EEA partner of a UK/EEA citizen
– Life in the UK Test general information

Applications & guidance notes:
Fiancé/Spouse/Civil or unmarried partner visa note this application is to be completed online from outside the UK
Info on Fiancé & Spouse visas
– Further Leave to Remain
– Indefinite Leave to Remain
– British Citizenship


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